Creative Commons: Flickr Robert Couse-BakerCreative Commons: Flickr Robert Couse-Baker

Employee Productivity vs Distractions

Employee productivity isn’t a cut and dry measurement. If you are in a production environment, it can obviously be measured by the number of units produced in an hour/shift. But what about office work? Distractions Employees can be given tasks/projects to complete and completion of said task can be used to measure productivity. However, did you factor in interruptions that are interjected...

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Hop Farming

Hop Farming in Canada

With the recent news of 47Hops of Yakima, WA filing for Chapter 11, should hop growers be concerned about a slowdown? 47Hops cite the 2014 growth of 18% to current growth of 5-6% and over-optimistic breweries contracting more than they needed as the driving force behind their financial issues. We spoke to a local Canadian hop grower to see how the Canadian hop market is fairing. History Seven...

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Dirt Farm Brewing

Beer: Travel with Care

If you’re like me, you plan your vacations strategically to visit great beer cities. Which means,...

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Hiring in Your Own Image

At some point in your career, you’ve probably been interviewed by someone or have conducted an...

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