Management Style

Management Styles: Where do you fit?

From an early age, we start to develop our personality and eventual management traits. You may have known a kid on the playground that was always leading the group, some may have called him or her stubborn or bossy. What are the chances this child grew up to have a rather, shall we say, strong personality? Pretty good. It’s not to say that those childhood traits didn’t transform into...

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Craft Beer

So, what is craft beer?

As a brewery consultant, the question I get most frequently is, “Hey, what is craft beer anyway? What’s the definition?” It’s a really good question. The answer is subjective, and I certainly have my own opinions. I decided to do some digging and analysis to see if I could come up with a definition that makes sense and rings true. So, what is craft beer? If you visit the Brewer’s...

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Creative Commons: Flickr - Keith Smiley: Mirror

Hiring in Your Own Image

At some point in your career, you’ve probably been interviewed by someone or have conducted an...

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