Social Media PillowsCreative Commons: Flickr - Nan Palmaro

Social Media Damage Control

Social media can be an amazing tool to promote your brewery. It can also be a powerful tool to share information quickly to thousands of people and generally, when the information has a negative connotation, it travels at the speed of light. We’ve all seen it happen - a disgruntled employee takes over a company’s twitter account and posts defamatory or otherwise negative content. The...

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Setting Employee ExpectationsCreative Commons: Flickr - Jurgen Appelo

Setting Employee Expectations

The expectations you set as a boss or owner is ongoing. Most describe expectations to the employee quite well during the interview process and the subsequent follow-up can be hit and miss. As a leader, start by asking yourself: What expectations are you placing on your team members? Are they high enough? Are they too high? Do they offer an appropriate level of challenge? ...

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Women in Beer

Traditionally, dating back to ancient times, women were the brewers, crafting ales out of their...

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Craft Beer Tasting Flight On A Bar Counter

Beer Sensory Tools

The wine industry and its consumers have had sensory tools and educational courses for decades. Now...

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