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Hiring in Your Own Image

At some point in your career, you’ve probably been interviewed by someone or have conducted an interview and immediately hit it off with that person. There were those things you had in common, you made light banter, probably had a few laughs,  and really, it didn’t feel like an interview but more like a conversation with a friend. Done! Hired! Let’s celebrate over a beer, right? Maybe,...

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White Labs San Diego

White Labs: The Yeast Vault

In a recent visit to White Labs in San Diego, we had the pleasure of touring the non-confidential areas and finding out more about their Yeast Vault. If you have the opportunity to visit White Labs, their tasting room pours multiple styles of beer made with different yeast strains. It’s a great way to see how yeast impacts the flavour profile of a beer. Kara Taylor, Lab Operations Manager,...

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Women in Beer

Traditionally, dating back to ancient times, women were the brewers, crafting ales out of their...

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