Creating A Lasting Legacy With PR For Your Brewery

Many breweries begin life as a labor of love, with all of the intimate touches of a business raised from the home. The feel many breweries encapsulate is something big business pay from the nose for. Running an advertising campaign and the associated PR methods that go with it isn’t the reserve of big companies, though; as Forbes outline, advertising can be done from $5/day.

If you’re looking to grow your brew operation from a small size upwards, a good PR image can help you go along way. From promoting workers rights to harnessing local traditions, or joining up with local charities, there are a hundred ways to craft a great image. This will ultimately help to ensure your business legacy.

Understanding how PR differs from simple advertising

Simple advertising involves putting your product out there and getting people in the shop to purchase it. Some advertising campaigns have been radical, changing entire markets, such as the famous Got Milk? campaign. Public relations differs from advertising as it relates to your relationship with customers and the media. Whereas advertising is somewhat opaque, public relations offers greater benefits by building brand recognition and a positive attitude towards your business that is spread through your customers.

Simple ways for brewers to build PR

The initial steps of public relations concern building a rapport with your local area and media. How can a brewing business do this? One good way is by supporting local businesses – and emphasizing this in press releases and moments with the local press. Opt for local crops, water and labor force. Provide an open door to the press – be seen as open and welcoming, and to the public too. Brewery tours are a great way of achieving this. Using these first easy steps, you can build an initial rapport with the public, and the media, and create a positive basic imagine of your company. There’s also a good chance you’ll attract more workers, enthusiastic to get involved with your business.

Taking your work to the next level

The next logical step for a positive public relations image is charity. Charity is deployed by businesses of all sizes for the wide range of benefits it brings – it provides opportunity local communities, providing better workers; it attracts more sales to the company, boosting profits; and it quite simply does something for those less fortunate. As a small business, it can be difficult to find the cash for charity giveaways.

Even if you’re not able to put your own cash in initially, you can run charity events. Statistics show that Americans love to give, sending $410bn to charity in 2017, according to GivingUSA figures. Being the host for a charity event in which members of the public provide donations is a great way of promoting the name of your business and associating yourself with good press; all you need exchange is the facilitation of an event and some produce to entice attendees. As your business grows, you can become a sponsor or set up a  grant-based foundation scheme.

With advertising in place, the next logical step for businesses is PR. Rather than being reserved for large businesses, PR works at all levels to generate a good business image and attract a better bottom line. Making simple changes today will help your business to grow and secure your legacy for years.