Embracing Video Marketing for Your Brewery

Although the U.S. beer market is being dominated by a number of big players such as Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors, smaller breweries are fast making headway within the industry. Where there were only 1,460 breweries active in the country in 2006, the number increased to more than 5,300 by 2016, of which more than 4,000 are believed to be small and independent craft brewers according to the Brewers Association. With more brewing companies entering the market, effectual marketing becomes increasingly important. Where print ads in a local newspaper once sufficed in boosting a company’s sales, technology has revolutionized marketing to the extent where innovating advertising, such as video marketing, yields exceedingly more power.

How can breweries benefit from video marketing?

Despite the fact that Americans love beer so much (with more than 49% of men stating they drink craft beer), many still don’t fully understand the product. Out of all the methods available to help educate the masses about beer and brewing, videos are undoubtedly one of the most successful. Not only is video marketing a quick way to introduce a new concept to someone, but the creative possibilities are endless. From virtual brewery tours and walkthroughs to upbeat product commercials, video marketing can, when implemented effectively, boost craft beer sales significantly.

Aim for emotional engagement

When someone watches a video you’ve made pertaining to your brewery and beer, you want them to have an emotional response to it. Tales about the history of the brewery, any hardships that had to be overcome as well as the passion of the owners and the staff are all, typically, of great interest to the viewers, evoking feelings of content and even nostalgia. Individuals who are emotionally moved by your marketing efforts are far more likely to buy your product than those who feel absolutely nothing. You don’t even need the fanciest video equipment on the market to create impactful videos. As long as you have a quality camera and a great idea, your videos are bound to have the desired effect on those who watch them.

What video marketing ideas are best for a brewery?

Depending on your target market, there are a number of innovative methods you can employ to reach your customer base through video marketing. Behind-the-scenes glimpses of what happens at the brewery on a typical day can attract a lot of attention, especially if the visuals are accompanied by an informative yet fun voice-over. If your customer base is broad, aim to create content that appeals to a broad market as well. While a younger crowd may appreciate a light-hearted, fun approach, older individuals may find a factual or wholesome slant more appealing.  Remember that you don’t only have to make videos that provide general information about your brewery or promote your products. You can also make use of videography to launch competitions and even advertise vacancies within your brewery.

Revolutionizing your marketing approach to include videos is undeniably one of the best things you can do for your brewery. As long as your idea is solid and you produce a video with good visuals and sound you will without a doubt attract countless new customers to your brand.