Top 5 Hiring Trends in 2018

With the current year drawing to an end, it is imperative that hiring managers start considering their 2018 staffing needs. In order to do so, its key to first identify what your company’s goals are for the new year. Next, look at your current resources and determine if your organization is adequately staffed with skilled professionals to help meet these goals.

When you are finally ready to launch your 2018 recruitment strategy, you may also be interested in what your competition is up to. In this article, we highlight the top 5 recruitment trends of 2018 that hiring managers should be aware of in order to optimize their hiring strategy.

  1. Apprenticeships

Although apprenticeships have been around for many years, next year will bring a resurgence of these on-the-job training opportunities. The new apprenticeship model will be available for a broader range of industries and professions than ever before.  Not only will apprenticeships continue to be available in the trades, but also in other highly-skilled positions in the fields of manufacturing, trade and IT.

  1. Gig Economy

With more and more workers choosing to leave their traditional 9-5 office job for the freelancer lifestyle, companies will have to become more flexible with their hiring requirements. If highly sought after professionals in your industry are not willing to come into the office to work a 9-5, you may need to accommodate these individuals and consider hiring them on as independent contractors or freelancers. Companies will also have to get more comfortable having these employees work remotely for all or a portion of their time. If you want to get the best and brightest talent, being open to these flexible work arrangements can be just what it takes to become the employer of choice.

  1. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Although technology is already being utilized for recruitment in terms of applicant tracking systems, 2018 brings the next level of technology to the recruitment industry. New and improved applicant tracking systems will more rigorously screen candidates to save recruiters time and help reduce unconscious bias. Recruitment chatbots will also be utilized by firms to help answer common questions prospective employees may have regarding applying to and working for your organization.

  1. Optimization of Mobile Recruitment

Its hard to ignore the amount of time people spend on their phones. There are a fair number of people that also consider their phones their primary source of internet access. If your organization hasn’t already optimized its career page and job application process for mobile devices, you better start now. If candidate’s have a poor user experience while navigating your open roles on their phone, they will likely lose interest and move on to something else. With the competition for talent stronger than ever in the brewing industry, its crucial to keep candidates engaged and ensure they follow through to the final application stages.

  1. Outside-the-box Benefits

Finally, if you want to stand out among competitors, you have to offer something above and beyond what they can offer. Employees are looking for more than the standard pay and health and dental benefits to seal the deal when accepting an employment offer. Consider some benefits that other breweries have started offering like attending the annual Craft Brewers Conference, the upcoming Brewing Summit in San Diego, the famous Brau Beviale in Nuremberg, Germany, or even your local guild meetings. A few other outside-of-the box examples include, student loan reduction assistance, on-site recreation to de-stress – as an example, having ping pong tables available for staff to use on breaks – and childcare or pet care subsidies.

Overall, 2018 looks to be an exciting year for recruitment. Keeping in mind these top 5 trends will ensure you don’t fall behind in the race to hire top talent.

Cheers from BrewingWork!


Post by: Christine Juszczak