Social Recruiting – What you need to know

If you don’t know what social recruiting is, it’s essentially utilizing social media networks to source candidates for your open roles. It sounds simple enough, but do you know how to effectively leverage your social media accounts to maximize your recruiting results? To learn more about the best social recruiting practices, continue reading.

Establish Your Social Talent Brand

The first thing you need to do to improve your social recruiting strategy is to start building your social talent brand. It’s not enough to simply post jobs and hope they get noticed. Companies that have successful talent brands work hard to continuously post cohesive messaging year-round to show prospective candidates what working for their company looks like.

As a brewery, consider posting about any new product launches, conferences you are attending, industry developments, and more. What makes your brewery unique? Highlight your company through regular posts on social media to start building an enticing employer brand. The key is to be active online and establish yourself as the authority in your field. The goal is to have candidates start following you on your social media platforms so that when you have an active role to fill, you already have a targeted captive audience.

Go Where the Candidates are

How do you get the candidates with the right skills and attributes applying to your postings? Go where your candidates are. What this means is you must gain an understanding of how people search for and apply for jobs, particularly within the industry you work in.

For example, these days millennials are tied to their phones and are hooked on social media. Sharing your job postings on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn will be sure to get noticed by this demographic.

As a company in the brewing industry, you want to post where people are going to look for brewing jobs. An industry specific posting site like makes sense as a starting point. Once you post your job here, you can easily share this posting across all your brewery’s social media accounts.

Get Everyone on Board

The final key in successfully ensuring you create a desirable employer brand online is to have your employees engage in your social recruiting strategy.

A company’s passionate employees can help spread brand awareness across their networks. Chances are that your existing employees are already connected with peers that work in the same industry or have similar interests and experiences. Engaging employees in your organization’s social recruiting will allow you to share your employer brand across a broader more relevant audience.


If you think that you are doing enough to find the most skilled and motivated talent by simply posting your open roles on your company’s career page, think again. It takes a well thought out social recruiting strategy to ensure you build a recognizable and enticing talent brand that reaches the right people. Taking the time to put together a solid online recruiting strategy will ensure you maximize the number of relevant candidates applying for your roles.


By: Christine Juszczak