How Gamification Can Help Keep Brewery Staff Engaged and Motivated

In 2018, U.S. companies spent approximately $87.6 billion on corporate training. In the brewery industry, training is also crucial to the success of the company.  When people visit a brewery, owners should consider the complete experience- from the quality of the product they offer to the knowledge of the members of the staff. It is important that the employees not only love the the product, but they also know how to make it and how to sell it to people.  Gamification corporate training is gaining popularity and it is also a way to keep employees engaged and motivated in their work.

Fun and interactive learning for increased knowledge retention

Gamification can be used in training processes through the application of gaming designs to the training sessions to make them more engaging and entertaining. In lieu of being taught through rigid lesson plans and modules, individuals learn through gamification which is more interactive and less boring.  For instance, in the brewery context, the employees should be knowledgeable about the terminology, major ingredients, beer types, and flavors. Instead of the usual PowerPoint lecture of discussing this information, trainers could use customized puzzles to make learning more exciting and more memorable.

Realistic training that can be easily applied in various scenarios

Gamification corporate training is more interactive compared to other methods.  Trainers provide real-life scenarios where brewery staff are asked what they will do in the given situation.  In doing so, employees are more likely to recall what they have learned. For instance, the employees should be prepared to discuss characteristics of the beer to the customers.  Trainers could conduct role-playing scenarios of how they would cater to the needs of new customers.

Instantaneous feedback to improve one’s weaknesses

With traditional training sessions, your employees learn their score or they are given feedback at the end of the whole training period. On the other hand, with gamification, your employees are given feedback as they proceed with each step of the training process. If the training session was about the basics of the brewing industry, the trainer could easily identify which areas the employee is having a hard time to understand before proceeding to the next phase of the training program.

Appreciate lifelong learning as part of company culture

While the basics of the brewery industry can be taught in single training program, there is always more to learn.  As new products and techniques become available in the market, training is a way to make employees appreciate lifelong learning and know that the company invests on them as well. Gamification corporate training is one way to make employees excited about learning and more involved in the organization.

By using gamification corporate training, your brewery staff can become an asset and more likely to stay with the company because of how they  enjoy the ongoing learning process. They can use their knowledge and skills to sell they have learned during the training to sell beer products to customers.  By investing in your staff, you are also investing in the future of your brewery.