Retaining Valued Employees

The brewing industry isn’t just product competitive, there is also a demand for talented, experienced employees – including your employees. Unwanted attrition is expensive and include a number of costs that are difficult to quantify: recruitment efforts, employee down-time, training, relationship building for customer service-focused roles and productivity.

So how do you keep your employees from leaving? One way is to provide advancement. Lack of advancement has been noted as one of the top reasons that employees leave their jobs.

Ways to communicate advancement include posting jobs internally, quarterly or semi-annual one-on-one meetings with your employees to discuss their career aspirations and having open dialogue about their intended career path. If the path towards advancement is transparent and authentic, both the brewery and the employee will benefit.

Demonstrating that your employees have development opportunities can keep them engaged, productive and away from the job ads.

Post by: Lynn McIlwee