Under 21? No Entry Allowed

You’ve probably read your share of articles these last few days on big beer mergers, quarterly sales figures and who has joined the exodus at Ballast Point. Wind down before the weekend and take a look at what some breweries are doing when you click on the “I’m not 21-years old” button on their website.

Some sites don’t have use verification, others take you to Google or alcohol responsibility pages and some merely block you from going further into the site (other than the site that accepted a 2006 birth year…).  

Here are some brewery sites that got a bit more creative with their KEEP OUT antics:

At Black Acre Brewing, you’re treated to the vocal stylings of He-Man singing What’s Up in a much peppier version than 4 Non Blondes. We’re sorry. That’s going to be swimming in your head for hours now.

A couple of the breweries believe in a wee bit of punishment for trying to enter the site. Deep Ellum Brewing sends you to Justin Bieber’s site and at Yards Brewing, you are redirected to everyone’s most dreaded purple dinosaur, Barney. Trumer Pils prefers to enhance your dance skills with some German dancing, in appropriately attired lederhosen of course.  

Being under 21 leads to a number of kid-themed approaches such as the Disney site link at Alpine Beer Company, Half Acre sends you to watch cartoons at YTV and Brooklyn Brewery’s preference is the wholesome Got Milk? site. While you’re there, check out the Jalapeño Cream Cheese Ice Cream recipe as that sounds tasty.

Lastly Elysian Brewing entertains you with some kitties – adorable, adorable kitties stuck in a hamster ball rocking out to Stuck in the Middle with You. See, we got that horrible He-Man rendition out of your head finally.

Happy summer, everyone!


Post by: Lynn McIlwee