Job Postings – Make them Engaging

Your brewery is unique. You have different philosophies, recipes, people, locations – and the jobs you create need to be filled by people with the same values that you have. In order to attract the right candidates, consider writing the job posting to suit your brewery’s style and attitude.

Job postings should always include the relevant responsibilities and qualifications, but outside of that, customize it to suit your demeanor. The competition for talent is increasing daily and if you are able to show a candidate what it might be like to work for you (other than performing the tasks), you have a better chance of luring in some amazing people.

For instance, is your team passionate about music? Ask candidates to describe the best concert they’ve attended. Is your style pretty laid-back? Reflect that in your description about the brewery and don’t be afraid to include what it’s like to work with your team. Words like “teamwork” can be seen as a cliché as who wouldn’t say they work well with a team? Think of other ways to describe your team and how they work together to solve problems and produce the best beer in the city.

Make your job posting stand out from the hundreds of other breweries/companies by showing  that you’re unique and genuine and you’ll attract the right candidates.


Post by: Lynn McIlwee