Helping Employees to Advance Their Career

As many managers know, a high employee turnover rate is bad for business. Replacing employees takes time, costs money, and can negatively affect productivity. Unfortunately, these days many workers think it necessary to switch jobs to advance their career. Fewer than one in ten Americans take a position within their company when changing jobs. One of the best ways to hold onto your most valuable employees is by helping them to climb the corporate ladder within your organization. By investing in the success of your brewery’s employees, you’ll also be investing in the success of your brand.

Offer Training or Certification Programs

On-the-job training shouldn’t just be limited to new employees. Ongoing training can help to keep the entire staff sharp and help to hone important skill sets. In addition to basic shift training, you can also offer more advanced options such as hiring guest speakers or hosting specialty classes. You can also hire companies to design a training program for your employees, or you can create your own.

Outside companies and organizations also offer valuable training programs. Nationally or internationally recognized brewing certifications look good on an employee’s resume and can help to teach new and useful skills. You should make your staff aware that these programs exist, and if possible, help give them access to free or discounted courses through your company. If this isn’t feasible, many webinars and trade shows offer certifications for professionals at reduced costs. Certification programs exist for a number of areas in the brewing industry, from proper storage techniques to judging competitions.

Provide Management Opportunities

One of the best ways to learn is through practice. Employees who plan to advance to management positions should have some degree of leadership experience under their belt before applying for a promotion. As a manager, you can help your staff to grow professionally by providing leadership roles in an informal work setting. You may want to start an Employee Resource Group (ERG), which places an employee-elected or volunteer party in charge, or foster leadership by implementing a mentorship program between novice and experienced brewery employees. You can also do your part to encourage and facilitate internal transfers when a management position opens.

Reducing employee turnover will improve not only your bottom line but also employee morale. By helping to train and groom your employees for more advanced positions, you’ll be motivating your staff and encouraging them to keep producing their best work. As a manager, investing in the success of your team is always in your best interests.

by Lucy Wyndam