Invest in Employee Health For Increased Productivity

Investing in the wellness of your employees up front is one of the best things you can do for a brewery company’s productivity. In fact, each dollar spent in this area will save $3.27 in healthcare costs and $2.73 in paying for absent employees, which is a measurable productivity increase of 11%. That’s according to a study conducted by UCLA, University of California, Riverside and Washington University. While the brewery industry can be competitive, you can maximize productivity as a company by understanding and meeting the needs of employees. The benefits will be more than just physical, with a motivated and happy workforce helping your business to achieve more and cut long term costs.

Higher Energy Levels, Fewer Days Off

For most people, work is exhausting and spending 40 hours a week at the office can lead to burnout. Over time, work rates will slow down, especially if health slips. Research carried out revealed that the productive employees worked for 52 minutes at a time, before taking a 17 minute break. This break can be spent walking, chatting or resting, but taking the break is essential to the output of workers.

While many brewery workers will spend time sat at a computer, this can still lead to burnout. The brain has to work hard to process information and can become tired. This fatigue will be felt throughout the body. Offering regular breaks to rest, exercise or eat nutritious food along with health checkups reduces exhaustion. This in turn reduces the chance that an employee will need a day off.

Workers Will Feel Appreciated

The effects of increasing employee health are more than just physical. A great company has a high level of employee loyalty and retention rates. Employees will have increased motivation if they feel valued. Health related employment benefits, from covering oral treatment costs to offering free therapy sessions, will help employees to feel well looked after. This is all about looking after them, so that they return the favor by maximizing output. They won’t feel like they have to work harder to increase productivity, since their work already feels meaningful and enjoyable.

Go Beyond Physical Health

Physical health is extremely important in reducing absences and maintaining high energy levels. However, employers should take equal time and effort to consider an employee’s mental health. Your brewery should be an environment in which everyone feels welcome and comfortable. If someone is experiencing low levels of mental health, they will find it difficult to focus on the task at hand or feel motivated to work. Consider offering counseling or even days off for anyone who needs to focus on their mental wellbeing.

If productivity is your goal, then health and wellbeing needs to be a priority. Research is confirming the belief that healthy employees have higher energy levels, less sick days and are more loyal and hardworking. Invest your money in improving health now, so that your brewery saves money in the long term.