Making a Beer Advent Calendar

As a kid, we all looked forward to the chocolate advent calendar. You know the one – Mom bought it for 99¢ and the chocolate tasted like cardboard dipped in waxy chocolate syrup. It was glorious.

Now that we’ve outgrown chocolate cardboard, a beer advent calendar seems much more appropriate and enjoyable. Well low and behold, some breweries and importers make pre-boxed calendars for your holiday drinking pleasure – thank you Santa! However, if you want to make your own, it’s easy and quick to do.

Here’s your easy step-by-step guide to making your own Super Awesome Beer Advent Calendar™:

  1. Find a friend/spouse/neighbour – anything breathing, really – to trade with
  2. Pick how many days you want to count down – no one’s the boss of you, you can have a 9 day advent calendar if you want
  3. Set an overall value for the box
  4. Get a box – wine/bomber boxes work well or just a big ‘ol box
  5. SHOP! We know you’ll have fun with this one, picking great beers for your friend
  6. Disguise the bottles – wrap them in tissue/newspaper or if in a bomber box, just cover up the top of the bottle with more cardboard
  7. Number the bottles or cardboard covers 1 to 24 (or 16 – 24 for your rebellious 9 day box) – and maybe make 24 a special beer
  8. Trade (no peeking) and enjoy!

The anticipation of the next beer will bring back the kid in you, but with a much better reward – beer. Enjoy your calendar!


Post by: Lynn McIlwee