Information: It’s more than what’s on tap

There are many ways to attract new and returning customers to your brewery, which your marketing gurus can attest to. No matter how big or small your marketing budget is, taking a few steps to entice your clientele is always a good start.  


Include your address, hours of operation, and website link (you have a website, right?) on all social media accounts. Having to go to multiple sources to find out where you are located and if you are open can be a deterrent.

Online Beer Menu

Try to keep your beer menu current on your website. If you have many rotating beers, update your list at least weekly, including what’s on to go (growlers, crowlers, bottles, cans). If you have the inclination and resources, a live beer menu is a fantastic option.


When your servers know their beers, they can make knowledgeable recommendations to your customers. Not only should they be well-versed in the names/special ingredients of your beers, but also have proper knowledge of the styles. Some establishments are educating their servers through the Cicerone Beer Server Certification or providing in-house training to all their FOH staff.

Clean Lines

It goes without saying that your lines should be cleaned every two – three weeks – more often if your lines are 25+ feet long. Having a sign near your taps that indicates when the lines were last cleaned is beneficial as it quickly informs the consumer that cleanliness is important to your brewery.


If laws and adequate supply allow, offer up your specialty bottles for in-house consumption. Even better, save some to release at a later date. Those that didn’t get to purchase a bottle will love you for it.


If budget and space allow, choose glassware to match your main styles. A tulip or snifter glass will bode well for most styles.


Most of these suggestions are cost-free and can help keep your customers informed and returning for your latest release.


Post by: Lynn McIlwee