Hiring the Inexperienced Candidate

When was the last time you saw a job posting that was looking for an inexperienced candidate? Other than the “work from home and make thousands a week!” type of job, you’ve likely not come across many employers wanting to take a chance on an inexperienced candidate.

As someone who reviews the BrewingWork job postings and dozens of resumes each week, I can attest that candidates with a love for craft beer, but no experience, are not landing many roles. So should you take a chance on a passionate, yet inexperienced person in your brewhouse? As with any role, it depends on the person but if your role can be taught in a short manner of time, consider hiring an inexperienced yet passionate employee.

Let’s focus on the positive aspects of hiring the no-experience keener vs. the experienced:

  • Hiring someone who is eager to start at the bottom, without attitude, and learn the ropes is a big plus
  • Passion – this industry is based on this key component and who better to have passion than someone who is dying to get into the industry
  • This passion can translate into an incredible amount of energy and drive – the employee wants to prove his or her worth to you
  • Experience can come with “last employer baggage” if the former employer was less than stellar
  • Innovation often comes from a new set of eyes and fresh perspective from someone who has experience in other industries
  • Loyalty points – you took a chance on an unknown and your new employee will not only be thankful, but they will be your best advocate
  • The openness to learn and not being as set in their ways is common in a less-experienced employee
  • Mold this employee into what you value most – their “bad habits” haven’t had a chance to form (yet)
  • Of course, experience usually comes with a higher price tag which opens an opportunity to trade experience for training
  • The job market is tight and production doesn’t stop – you may be able to get the newby up and running quicker than waiting for the perfect experienced candidate

The inexperienced employee is not right for every role in the brewhouse but where training is an option, and won’t impact your business model, it’s a option that should be considered. What better way to gain experience than to be given that chance to prove oneself through energy, excitement and the willingness to learn.


Post by: Lynn McIlwee