Beer Destination: Copenhagen

Copenhagen – home of the Little Mermaid and about 100 Mikkeller beer destinations. Ok fine, maybe not 100, but there’s Mikkeller and Friends, Mikkeller Bar, War Pigs, Koelschip, Øl & Brød, Ramen to Bíiru not to mention the bottle shop and Mikropolis. Wait, was that the sound of Spontanbeerbar hatching? Another Mikkeller bar just opened.

In some cities, dominance by a brewery or company can mean one thing – the same menu and atmosphere in every location. Not so with the restaurants and bars that Mikkel Borg Bjergsø creates. It’s evident that he wanted to change the beer landscape in Copenhagen (and later, the world), but not by cloning his bars and just plunking them down in different areas of Copenhagen. He does an amazing job of making each venue unique.

Outside of the Mikkeller establishments, if you have a penchant for amazing bottle lists, hit up Himmeriget Ølbar, owned by Mikkeller’s own Evil Twin, Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø.  Another desirable location is Fermentoren, a local favourite with a large patio and great beer and bottle list.

Copenhagen, originally a Viking fishing village, is vastly populated with over two million people covering the metropolitan area, 600,000 of which inhabit the municipal area. As with many European cities, it is a very bike-friendly city and the roadways are structured to play nicely with the bicyclists. Unlike Belgium, where you can become a squashed tourist by making an untimely step on to the sidewalk, Copenhagen’s road/bikeways seem a bit more civilized. Perhaps this correlates with how expensive it is to live there. If you’re visiting, bring a big bucket full of money. Then get another bucket, fill that one up and hope it’s enough.

Besides great beer, Denmark is renowned for its cuisine from smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches) to world-class restaurants such as Noma and Relae. Relae is easier on your pocket book, has a down-to-earth feel,  and a relaxed, yet impressive service team. You choose from four or seven courses, paired with wine if you choose, and relish in the simplicity of the flavours, Other notable restaurants are Ida Davidsen and Aamanns Deli for their creative smørrebrød.

For your convenience, a map of the Copenhagen beer and food recommendations mentioned above as well as many more.

If you’re planning a European trip, add Copenhagen to the list as the scenery, food and of course, the beer, are worth having your wallet ache a wee bit.


Post by: Lynn McIlwee