Head Brewer with USA experience


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London, UK 


£45,000.00 negotiable

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Full time



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Head Brewer with USA experience

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Great Opportunity! (Worldwide applications are welcome too)

We are not any brewery. We are UK’s first craft brewery, and all the others followed.

We’re looking for a qualified, creative, passionate brewer from around the world to serve as Brewmaster in our restaurant microbrewery. We expect the Brewmaster to share our dedication to producing high-quality, unique beers we have painstakingly created and come up with new ideas, so that means the Brewmaster to develop creative recipes for those beers and take ownership of brewery operations.

We have breweries across the UK and plan to grow production in 2023.

Job Description:
The Brewmaster will be responsible for the following:
• Managing the day-to-day operations of the brewhouse.
• Ensuring quality, safety, and consistency in producing Zerodegrees Brewing’ products.
• Selecting ingredients and procuring supplies for the brewhouse.
• Developing and managing brewing and purchasing schedules.
• Preventative maintenance and safety protocols.
• Creating new styles in consultation with management.
• Participate in festivals and marketing events, both onsite and offsite.
• Other duties as needed.

Job Requirements:

The ideal candidate should possess the following qualifications:
* At least three years experience in a production brewery with at least a 10HL capacity. This should include a solid knowledge of brewery operations: packaging, quality control, loss prevention, preventative maintenance, ingredients, and inventory management. You should also be familiar with the sanitation requirements of a brewery and should be able both to prevent and respond to microbiological activity.

* Exceptional working knowledge of the process of brewing beer. You should be able not only to create recognized styles but to use innovative ingredients, techniques, processes, and combinations to create unique beers. You should be able to turn quality raw materials into quality beer consistently and scale recipes up from small batches to any larger quantity.

* Strong and demonstrated leadership and interpersonal communication skills. You’ll be the head member of the team, so the ability to be a team player is essential. Likewise, you’ll need to communicate effectively with brewery employees. Other management experience is a plus.

* A degree from a recognized brewing school in Brewing Science is preferred. We also prefer you to have at least a bachelor’s degree in a field relevant to brewing or brewhouse management, such as chemistry, engineering, mathematics, or biology. The more production brewery experience, the less emphasis we will place on academic qualifications.

* A knowledge of packaging and kegging beers as we are looking to expand into Trade.

* Must be fluent in Microsoft Office. The position will require careful record-keeping and accurate projections, so Excel fluency is essential.
* Must be able to lift at least 25kg overhead consistently.
* Must be able to work a flexible work schedule.
* Must be able to climb stairs and ladders.
Qualified candidates, please submit a cover letter, cv and salary history to info@zerodegrees.co.uk

You will go through a telephone interview and, if successful, a working trial (full approved travel expenses paid if successful or partial if not)

The Brewmaster position is a full-time, salaried position. The position is for Reading, and also looking to recruit for the future at a new London site. We offer an excellent work environment where you are not hidden away in a factory but on show for people to see you, along with a very competitive salary and benefits package.

We will subsidise travel relocation costs if from abroad. A Working Visa or Right to work in the UK is preferable.

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