Innovation Brewer


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Vancouver, BC, CA 


Brewing / Packaging: Brewing Supervisor, Brewer

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Full time



Position Title:

Innovation Brewer

Job Description:

Craft Collective Brewing Co. (formerly Factory Brewing) is a collaborative craft brewery in Vancouver, British Columbia.

We work with brewery partners to produce high quality beers, and are working at developing our own brands. We seek a creative, innovative and modern brewer, up to date with new styles, brewing techniques and practices to enhance our culture of excellence and innovate in new product development.

Our innovation brewer duties will include, but not be limited to:

- Working with our sales and marketing team for new beer brands

- Working with our brewery partners in furthering their portfolios through innovation and product development, while also working in confidence to replicate existing recipes

- Staying up to date with the most recent brewing techniques, training our brewing team on new techniques while holding true to the craft aspect of brewing

- Working with brewers and cellar team to improve techniques in brewing, yeast management, cellaring and filtration

- Yeast propagation and management

- CIP tanks and equipment

- Dry Hopping in fermenters through hop-egg as well as hopping in kettle and hopback on hot side.

- Centrifuge, Filter and transfer beer

- Milling, recipe adjustments



Job Requirements:

- 5+ years of brewing experience

- Passionate about crafting great beer, while learning and adopting new and modern techniques of brewing

- Quality focused in all aspects of the brewing process and product

- Experience in sour brewing, barrel programs, yeast handling

- A passion for creating new recipes and developing new styles

- An educational background in brewing science or micro biology. Being up to date with the latest brewing practices and styles is a must.