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Ashburn, VA, US 


Brewing / Packaging: Head Brewer, Brewer, Assistant Brewer

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Full time, Part time



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Job Description:

The brewer will operate our 5-barrel brewing systems. The brewer will be required for milling, mashing, lautering, boiling, hop and adjuncts additions, whirlpool, and wort cooling. In addition, the brewer is responsible for pre- and post-cleaning and sanitation of all transfer lines and vessels. The brewer also is responsible for cellar tasks including, but not limited to, yeast pitching, filtration, beer transfers, tank CIPs, various fermentation additions, maintenance of all parts and hoses, carbonation equipment and the filling of kegs, bottles and cans. The brewer must be self-motivated. The brewer is required to be punctual and contribute within a teamwork environment.

Job Requirements:

Daily Duties, Functions, Responsibilities
• Work closely with brewing team to achieve desired quality and production targets
• Complete assigned tasks in accordance with company standard operating procedures and guidelines (SOP)
• Follow all safety procedures
• Keep accurate inventory and quality management of raw materials and chemicals
• Periodic handling of hazardous chemicals
• Keep accurate daily production records per company and Federal Requirements.
• Continually maintain all beer production areas including equipment – (mill, brewhouse, fermentation, carbonation, filtration, spent grain area, bulk grain and grain storage area, as well as all walkways/work areas)
• Provide maintenance to equipment
• Follow daily and weekly cleaning schedules to maintain a clean working environment
• Attend production meetings and contribute to product improvement
• Operate and monitor electronic and computerized brew systems
• Represent TCOB at craft beer festival and conferences
• Other duties as assigned
Physical Conditions and Nature of Work Contacts
• Involves frequent walking, lifting, and carrying objects weighing 55lbs routinely, occasional lifting of 100-150lbs.
• Frequent use of hand tools, clamps, hoses, etc., requiring manipulative skills and hand-eye coordination.
• Exposes employee to potentially minor injuries.
• Regular contact with production employees and management, as well as periodic, but consistent, customer interaction.

Job Qualifications:
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
• General knowledge of practices, methods, tools, and equipment used in production and pub-style/tasting room brewing
• General knowledge of occupational hazards and necessary safety precautions associated with work
• Ability to interpret technical bulletins and schematics on equipment related to work
• Ability to follow oral and written instructions
Education and Experience
• Minimum of two years of brewing experience as assistant brewer or brewer
• Professional brewing certificate preferred
• High school diploma
• Must be 21-years of age
• Veterans preferred