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Brewing / Packaging: Process and Product Development, Quality Control Manager
Craft Breweries: Brewing Department

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Full time



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Quality Manager

Job Description:

Job Overview
The Quality Manager is the first line of defense for quality issues. The Quality Manager works closely with the Production Manager, the Head Cellarman, the Sensory Manger, and the Packaging Manager to ensure that the highest quality beer hits the market.  Quality assurance audits are conducted during brewing to assure company standards are maintained and product integrity is preserved. This is done through sampling, panel analysis, monitoring and documenting the microbiological and chemical analysis of all things related to the brewing, fermentation, and packaging processes. The Quality Manager consults with brewery management to resolve quality, production, and efficiency problems.
Essential Functions
Quality Assurance:
1. Perform field quality checks both on-site and for off-premise accounts and communicate data to the Sales team and Head Brewer
2.Collaborate with brewers to track daily specific gravities, pH readings, and yeast cell counts to keep products within the set standards
3. Take dissolved oxygen readings throughout production process and work to reduce levels
4. Provide required lab reports weekly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually
5. Prep yeast, ensure healthy yeast and retest positive test results
6. Drive continuous improvement and advocate quality achievement
7.Create and maintain QA/QC documents and processes
Laboratory Development:
1. Develop tasting panel regiment including new product development
2. Use outside sources and research improved laboratory efficiencies
3. Source new lab tests and policies
Inventory Management:
1. Manage chemical supplies
2.  Maintain lab equipment and inventory of titration kits, pumps, beakers, measuring devices, etc.
3. Inspect grains and hops

Job Requirements:

Knowledge, Experience & Qualifications
1. Bachelor’s Degree preferred in Food Science, Chemistry, Microbiology or related field
2. Three years of previous lab work preferably in craft brewing industry
3. Basic computer aptitude and working knowledge of Excel, Word and SAP Business
4. High degree of accuracy, precision and attention to detail
5. Familiar with media preparation, equipment sterilization, and sterile transfers
6. Solid communication skills with the ability to collaborate and influence others

Equipment Knowledge

1. Working knowledge of PH meter, autoclave, microscope, laminar flow hood, UV Spec, gas chromatograph, Anton Paar alcolyzer, aerobic and anaerobic incubator, fume hood, vacuum manifold assembly, spectrometer, pipeters, hot plate/stirrer, and other lab equipment

2.  Make recommendations for new equipment purchases, updates to equipment, and maintain equipment