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Orlando, FL, US 


Brewing / Packaging: Brewmaster - Formally Educated/Trained, Head Brewer, Brewing Supervisor, Brewer
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Head Brewer in Orlando, FL

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Previous brewery is looking to open a new production facility in Orlando, FL. Previous operations were 1,500 BBL per year and will be looking to start at an annual production of 2,500 BBL per year at this new location.  The facility will start with a 2-vessel, 15 BBL system, with phase two expansion increasing to 3 vessel.  The brewery will be growing within the first couple of years to 5,000 BBL per year capacity.  The head brewer will oversee all brewery operations and will manage all recipe development.

In managing all brewery operations, the head brewer will be responsible for:
  • Setting up and maintaining all raw material vendors and accounts, including contracting hops and tracking inventory.
  • Managing inventory from raw materials to work in progress and finished goods.
  • Filing all reporting requirements to state and federal governments for beer production.
  • Creating SOPs for all operations, including cleaning and sanitizing, safety operations, quality controls, etc.
  • Planning the brewing schedule and crating and following seasonal and variety matrix.
  • Developing and training brewery team to meet phase one and growth phases.
  • Oversee all operations from brewing to cellaring to packaging.
Our head brewer will have experience with working in a production facility and having the ability and knowledge to fully operate the brewery from beginning to end.  This includes, but is not limited to, raw material management, deep understanding of the brewing process, ability to manage cellar tanks and lap equipment, proper transferring between tanks, maintain house yeast strand, cleaning and filling kegs, operate canning line, and file all government tax reports.

A strict adherence to quality and consistency is key, as well as a proven commitment to accurate and thorough record keeping.  Good written and verbal communication skill as well as computer literacy is key.  Physical strength to lift 55-lbs and maneuver 175-lb kegs repeatedly and ability to stand 8-10 hours per day as well as the ability to withstand long periods of walking, bending, kneeling, climbing and maneuvering is required.  Flexibility in working hours is also needed to fit in with the brewing schedule.

Experience in Orchestrated Beer and brewery startups or expansions will also be considered beneficial to the job.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V/AAP/LGBT