Assistant Brewer/Brewer


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Kenora, ON, CA 


Craft Breweries: Brewmaster - Formally Educated/Trained, Brewer, Assistant Brewer


$40,000.00 negotiable

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Full time



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Assistant Brewer/Brewer

Job Description:

~~What This Job Entails:
The Assistant Brewer/Brewer is a full time permanent position.  The Assistant Brewer/ Brewer will need flexible hours and weekend availability. Transitioning from Assistant Brewer to Brewer will increase your wage per hour pending on qualifications and course completion.  You will be eligible for health and dental benefits, RRSP program enrolment, opportunity to complete certifications relevant to your position and other employee perks after 3 month probationary period. 

Assistant Brewer/Brewer Responsibilities: 
Reports to: Head Brewer

• Operates and maintains racking, growler and canning equipment and generating appropriate reports
• Tracks and compiles both ingredient and product inventory
• Build orders, receive shipments, generating associated S&R paperwork and coordinating with the appropriate departments
• Organize and maintain warehouse, cold room and cellar
• Assist in general production cleaning duties
• Operates and maintains filter equipment and performs process transfer tasks
• Performs, records, acts on cellar process measurements of product parameters, maintaining and conducting tasks in the cellar
• Records utility parameter logs
• Performs Krausening tasks
• Assists in Quality Management Program and generating appropriate reports
• Operates and maintains Brewhouse equipment and generating appropriate reports
• Operates and maintains mill, boiler, air compressor, air dryer and CO2 equipment
• Perform general repair and maintenance
• Research, development and laboratory tasks
• Participates in product development
• Conducts administrative duties

Job Requirements:

~~Skills and Qualifications:
• Preference for training or experience in brewing industry, food & beverage or manufacturing industry
• Training as a Certified Brewer or Master Brewers Diploma, as well as associated industry tickets and certifications
• Proficiency or education in mathematics, chemistry and microbiology
• Proficiency or training in utility mechanics, electronics and small motor repair
• Required to lift up to 65kg
• Perform organizational tasks and problem solving
• Strong work ethic, punctuality, team work and proactivity