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Egg Harbor Township, NJ, US 


Brewing / Packaging: Brewmaster - Formally Educated/Trained



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Full time



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Head Brewer

Job Description:

WANTED: Head Brewer for startup production Brewery in New Jersey
High-end Brewery with production capacity up to 23K BBLs annually seeks educated and experienced Brewer to lead it from startup (commencing January of 2017) with high emphasis on ingredient quality, proper maturation, and proper carbonation levels for packaging/dispensing purposes.

Brew House Features:
  • DME manufactured 20 Barrel 4 vessel Brew House w/ 60 Barrel Hot Liquor tank
  • Siemens Braumat Compact PLC Automation System, Two HMI interfaces
  • Lauter Tun and Mash Mixer oversized at 25 barrels for high gravity batches
  • Glass Manways with LED vessel lights, wort aeration, single point drains, CIP Panel
  • Our Brew House was showcased by DME at the 2016 CBC in Philadelphia - perhpas you viewed it...
  • Sloped floors, under brewhouse with CIP Panel drain trough to 6” sanitary piping to municipal sewer system
Cellar Features:
  • Sloped floors, coated with new drainage system, 6” sanitary piping
  • Wort Sanitary Transfer Piping and Glycol Piping under floor
  • DME Uni-tank and Bright tanks manufactured in Charlottetown, PE. Canada
  • Initial Cellar Equipment
    • 20 BBL Uni-Tank – 1; 20 BBL Brite Tank – 1
    • 40 BBL Uni-Tank – 1; 40 BBL Brite Tank – 1
    • Centrifuge
  • Future Cellar Equipment to reach 23K BBL capacity of brewery
    • 20 BBL Uni-Tank – 3
    • 40 BBL Uni-Tank – 7
    • 60 BBL Uni-Tank – 2
    • 120 BBL Uni-Tank – 4
    • 40 BBL Brite Tank – 1
    • 60 BBL Brite Tank -  2
    • 120 BBL Brite Tank - 2
Brewery Features:
  • Ingredient Water Well 650’ Deep into 800’ Sands Aquifer 2” Main
  • City Water Supply 2” Main for wash down, CIP, restrooms, etc.
  • New restrooms, new HVAC & 2 bars for +2,500 square foot for Tasting Area
  • Walk-in cooler (in bond)18’ deep by 36’ wide by 20’ high, push back racking
  • Walk-in cooler (tax beer) 15' deep by 8' wide by 8' high for tasting room
  • Overhead hoist on mobile gantries for tank placement
  • Two loading bays for truck access, one front and one rear of building
  • Brewer’s Office with full laboratory, sinks, refrigeration, positive ventilation system
  • Building has room for future expansion for packaging, storage, additional loading docks, etc.
  • Tasting rooms for retail consumption on three levels, restaurant atmosphere & design
  • Ingersoll Rand 5HP Screw Air Compressor with Dryer for food service
  • Drake Process Chiller with two 10HP Compressors, 500 Gallon reservoir with 2 pumps
  • Bulk CO² Supply 1,000 pounds, Oxygen supply 300 pounds – outdoor
  • Bulk Grain Silo, currently approved by township officials for future implementation
  • Gift Shop for garments, packaged goods, proprietary sauces, gifts, dispensing equipment sales
Brewery Location:
  • 6754 Washington Avenue Unit B, Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey 08234-3807
  • Easy access from east/west and north/south highways, high tourist area
  • Longitude 39.4043836, Latitude 74.5549769
  • The principals of this endeavor have long term relationships in their personal and professional careers.  The team of three managing members of this brewery all own and operate separate businesses. They possess skills in accounting as a CPA, refrigeration installation and service, kitchen equipment installation, and beverage (beer) dispensing system sales, installation and repair. They all have successful operating businesses and desire an entrepreneurial spirited Head Brewer to operate this brewery, along with their guidance and assistance.
Investment team:
  • Principals and Private investors (approximately 15) have made capital cash investments of $984,000 to implement the startup of this project. Additional capital, once original investors’ contributions are consumed, will come from our lending institution (Fulton Bank of New Jersey, NA) and the loan will be backed by the Small Business Administration. This will include about $750,000 in a principal loan and $50,000 in a line of credit for startup cost fluidity. The lender will have a lien on the brewery equipment as collateral. Our long term lease specifies that the property owner make approximately $100,000 in property improvements to the buildings utility supply’s, exterior building and grounds appearance and local any requirements deemed necessary during the approval process of this project.
Packaging Plan:
  • We will initiate the packaging of our products with a keg fleet of over 1,200 stainless steel kegs; however at the time of this printing we are investigating the KegKey program of one way use kegs. We are evaluating the cost of the Slimline 30 liter package that they offer. Since Slimline production is happening in the USA soon, they are offering lower pricing and have a distribution facility within our state.
  • Initially for the off-premise market we have developed a relationship with a mobile contract canner to package our products in cans for distribution to liquor stores and packaged goods stores. In the future we intend to have our own packaging line for both cans and bottles, and currently in our design have a packaging room for such a packaging line.
Sales Plan:
  • Distribution will be handled by our local beer distributor in our immediate market; recognition will be made to existing beverage dispensing system account relationships in this market, as a few hundred existing customers exist with beer system installation where our brewery’s         products may be featured. Additional efforts may include the installation of beer system enhancements to dispense only our styles of beer on featured beer towers.
  • We have put many hours into the planning of this brewery over the past three years, as in 2012 New Jersey has made changes to the state legislation which allows additional benefits for microbreweries that didn’t exist prior.  These changes overall are to benefit the State with increased tourism to NJ Breweries. We intend to operate within the guides of the legislature, as these benefits are monitored and annually breweries are permitted to exercise the benefits allowed by the State.  These changes allow for sampling, on premise consumption, sales for off-premise consumption and self-distribution with or without this state. The future may bring the additional benefits, off premise sales at farm stands as local made products and food sales by the brewery.
  • We feel that we have an edge with relationships as they exist with the dispensing system business of one of the principals, and the kitchen installation side of one of the principals. These vast relationships will provide opportunities that other startup breweries do not possess. However it will only be the quality and consistency of the products we produce and the service as a brewery that we offer that will maintain these relationships.
  • The candidates that we are searching for must have professional production brewing experience and hold a degree in Brewing Science and/or Chemistry.  They must have the ability to work with other brewing professionals during recipe developmental sessions. They must be aware of consumption trends in the local market and open to the challenge to brew products that remain relevant to consumption trends. 
  • As our state legislature mandates that tours are part of the brewery experience, the head brewer may be responsible to assist in this segment of the operation, as our plan may include a tour schedule offering a Brewer’s Tour providing the “scientific description” brewery tour - with this, other tours planned will be a “mechanical tour,” “casual tour,” etc.
  • We are interested and available to talk with those believing that they have the qualities that we are looking for to fill this position in our brewery. We can also set up the sharing of our brewery drawings so that you may view the layout of the facility and the future space available. Some information may require a non-disclosure agreement prior to sharing. We are an equal opportunity employer and have no opposition to any qualified candidates. References and samples are required, but if sending samples observe all state rules and insure your products are properly carbonated. Salary is negotiable, based on education and professional experience. Relocation assistance provided.    To reach us, send an email or call. Resumes and certificates can be faxed. Arrangements to visit us in person are also welcomed.

Job Requirements:

We are looking for the right candidate who may be interested in settling into a start up and would like to be instrumental in the creation of a brand. Like a Chef to a restaurant we feel the talent lies in the experience of the brewer. We have tried with extensive research put together an equipment line up that would attrach a first class brewer willing to develop style consistant with trends, as well as implement some seasonal styles from time to time.

For serious inquiries we have made arrangements with another brewery with a simular system to allow for you to show your exprience and brew a few batches at this facility. Additionally an phone interview with exclaimed New Zeland brewer Brian Watson will shed some light on our water quality and the styles best developed from it.