Is your Team Product or Customer Focused?

In an industry where there are many new and competing brands, and where brand loyalty can waiver, aligning your company’s culture to a customer-centric focus can help you achieve higher customer satisfaction.

Product Centric Customer Focused
Philosophy Sell to anyone who will buy your beer Decisions are made keeping the core customer in mind
Drivers Sales revenue is the main driver Build a relationship with your customers
Metrics Number of products sold Customer loyalty is the focus


While sales are critical to the sustainability of your brewery, building your brand loyalty and goodwill can increase your long-term revenue. Having a company culture that embraces relationship building over quick, potentially one-off sales, may set you apart from your competition.

Additionally, customer brand loyalty enhances your recruitment strategy as it can make you an employer of choice. Positive social media feedback and interacting with your customers will build your reputation both with customers and job applicants.

When your business decisions include your customer as the main focus rather than merely product sales, it can enhance your business reputation and grow your sales organically.

Post by: Lynn McIlwee