Hop Farming

Hop Farming in Canada

With the recent news of 47Hops of Yakima, WA filing for Chapter 11, should hop growers be concerned about a slowdown? 47Hops cite the 2014 growth of...

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Creative Commons: Flickr FHKE

Your First 1:1 with an Employee

You’ve just hired a new employee and now, it’s time for your first one-on-one sit down. Going through the job duties is important but so is...

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Dirt Farm Brewing

Beer: Travel with Care

If you’re like me, you plan your vacations strategically to visit great beer cities. Which means, your souvenirs might be of the liquid variety and...

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So, what is craft beer?

As a brewery consultant, the question I get most frequently is, “Hey, what is craft beer anyway? What’s the definition?” It’s a really good...

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White Labs San Diego

White Labs: The Yeast Vault

In a recent visit to White Labs in San Diego, we had the pleasure of touring the non-confidential areas and finding out more about their Yeast Vault....

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The Tough Talk

As an employer, there are many sensitive issues you will likely deal with over time. Terminations, bad behaviour, bullying, disagreements between...

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Rejecting Candidates Gracefully

No one likes to be the bearer of disappointing news - so how do you tell someone you’ve interviewed that they didn’t get the role? First off,...

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Flexible and Strong!

Protecting your Brand

In a past article, we discussed the importance of protecting your brand with Trademarks however, protection doesn’t start there. Protecting your...

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